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Imagine if you could achieve financial freedom through growing and capturing value in your business, and then selling that business for asubstantial profit.Most businesses are owned by private individuals or families. Yet the sad truth is, after a lifetime of hard work, many business owners simply shut the door and walk away. Or, of those who are able to sell their business or transition it to the next generation, ignorance or bad advice often leads to mistakes which cost them dearly.If you are the owner of a private or family business, this ground-breaking book is for you.Martin Checketts, a corporate lawyer and business succession expert, reveals the exact techniques for selling or transitioning your business that have produced outstanding results for his clients. These techniques also lead to increased profitability and lower risk in the short term.In this easy to follow guide, you will discover:1. the secrets to creating value in your business, both today and upon exit2. five steps to sell for a 'super profit'3. how to avoid common mistakes that can cost you the best deal4. why choosing the right exit strategy is crucial5. how to eliminate procrastination, the 'silent killer' of most business succession plansPacked full of useful information, including interviews with prominent business succession gurus, this book provides proven strategies to get you started on your own business succession journey.

But even if you are running a one-person sole proprietorship, you need an exit strategy. For you, as for any investor in a business, the questions are the same when it's time to move on: How are you going to get your money out of the business? Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday unveiled his 'cautious' lockdown exit strategy which could see life in England return to something close to normal by June at the earliest.

Tweet ... An exit strategy is a contingency plan that is executed by an investor, trader, venture capitalist, or business owner to liquidate a position in a financial asset or dispose of tangible business... In business terms, an exit strategy is a plan or strategy of an owner of a business to exit his/her business without incurring too much loss. The meaning of the exit strategy is to get out of the current situation.