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Lesbian Romance: Women in Uniform Collection - A collection of 4 lesbian romance short stories. FIRST ALARM LOVE: Cheryl, a New York firefighter crosses paths with her future love interest at the scene of an apartment fire, after Cheryl returns into the apartment building to rescue a small dog. Cheryl can't get the dog's owner out of her mind, and she creates a circumstance in hopes of running into her so that she can have the opportunity to ask her out. Cheryl's plan works and the women find themselves in a whirlwind lesbian romance.Just when things are seemingly as perfect as one could hope for, tragedy once again merges Cheryl's and Tina's paths, only this time with a potentially fatal outcome. Find out if lives and love survive in this blazing hot lesbian romance fiction tale. TO SERVE AND PROTECT: A teaching position opens up and Lexie jumps on the opportunity to move back to her home state of Texas and immediately after moving into her new home it's broken into and robbed while she is out picking up some takeout for dinner.Thankfully, the criminals are already gone when Lexie returns home to find her front door kicked open, and when a beautiful latina police officer is one of the responding units to the scene, Lexie is more than just comforted by her presence. Paths cross, invitations are made and accepted and a budding lesbian romance has surprised both Lexie and and the pretty officer. As lesbian love progresses, the thieves who broke into Lexie's home have ramped up their criminal intentions and Lexie's neighborhood is their main target. The Mayor comes down on the police department to pull all resources and handle the situation before lives are lost, and an undercover sting operation is put into place.With undercover operations underway, Lexie love interest is part of the covert efforts when they spot the criminal team prepping to target their next house, and it happens to be Lexie's house....again! Will this be the night that claims the criminals first human victim, or will the officers intercept in time to save Lexie's life and allow their budding lesbian romance to fully blossom? Find out in this fast-paced lesbian fiction short story, that will leave you too wanting to be in the capable hands of a beautiful lesbian cop. MISSION COMPLETE: Michelle, a private in the U.S. Army yearns for her lover waiting for her back in Seattle. Together for more than 3 years, they've been kept apart for 2 of those years due to Michelle's military tours. However, lesbian romance does not fade for either woman even though they are separated by several continents. While Michelle struggles to keep her sexuality a secret from her military comrades, her lover Kelly is back home trying to fill the void of their separation with work. Kelly fell in love with a woman in uniform, and she knew the implications that would entail. Does their lesbian romance survive yet another military tour? ANATOMY OF LOVE: Blanca's in her last block of nursing school and doing her clinical rotation at a busy level 1 trauma hospital in Chicago. She's doing her best to keep up with hectic demands of the E.R., including acclimating to the constant influx of dramatic trauma cases that come in on a daily basis. She finds her footing fast, and is taken under the wing of a beautiful emergency room doctor who is doing her residency in emergency medicine. Maintaining her professional decorum, Blanca is excited to be receiving guidance directly from a doctor, yet she suddenly finds herself struggling to define their interactions with one another. Are the vibes that Blanca gets every time that they have a moment alone together at work just emanating from her or is it a two-way vibe? Finishing her classes and clinical rotations, she is now studying her anatomy in preparation to take her exam. Find out if medical anatomy's the only thing that Blanca will find herself preparing for, or will the anatomy of a lesbian romance be another exam Blanca wants to pass?

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