How to Grow Flowers For Cutting (Short-e Guide)

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Maureen Little, Craig Hughes
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Flowers have an unerring ability to bring a smile to people's faces. There is nothing quite like a bunch of flowers to lift your spirits, brighten a dull day, convey how much you care for someone, to say thank you, mark a special occasion -the list is endless.This Short-e guide aims to give you an introduction to growing your own flowers especially for cutting. Topics covered include:-deciding how many flowers to grow-deciding which flowers to grow-growing, cutting and bunching your flowers

Plant rose cuttings into a pot filled with propagating sand. Poke a hole in the sand first, so you don't rub off the hormone gel, and then carefully firm the sand around the stem. Arranging flowers seems easy, till you go to do it and realize that what you have made just doesn't have the look you were imagining.

Many of the flower farmers listed here offer a wealth of information on their website, have shops where you can but seeds/tubers/etc ... Place your new cutting in a jar of glass jar full of water, and put it in a warm, bright and location where it can soak up some indirect sunlight. Keep it there until it grows roots that are... Cosmos are one of my favorite cut flowers to grow.