Two Dogs And A Rifle

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Ken Cuthbertson
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This book is set in the best pig hunting area of New Zealand; the Wanganui hinterland and the author tells a good yarn of his early days in the Te Tuhi valley and of the big boars he encountered. It is a story of pioneer farming and the battle against the bust and the wild pigs that ravaged the sheep flocks, of dogs and danger and companionship. Threaded through the stories is much valuable information on wild pigs, hunting, guns and ammunition that took the author forty years to accumulate. Ken Cuthbertson has passed on to the Happy Hunting grounds, his hunting career lives on between the pages of this book so a new generation of hunters can thrill to the stories he tells.

Tags In Thread: Two Dogs And A Rifle - NZ Hunting and Shooting Forums Dogs that are traditionally trained as hunting companions or gun dogs are allocated to the Sporting Dog Group of dog breeds in the USA and to the Gundog group of dogs in the UK. The two groups are pretty much the same, but with different names.

This book is set in the best pig hunting area of New Zealand; the ... Two Dogs And A Rifle. Printable View.