Lupari Werewolf Hunter

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Brian Ference
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"I am a son who has sworn vengeance for the senseless killing the creature relishes in. I am a Wolver who dares to hunt werewolves. I am Lup?ri." Dorian is finally free from the werewolf's curse. Or maybe not. All of his allies have turned into enemies save for an old friend who has returned to offer some much needed help. As the werewolf pandemic spreads, will it be enough to save him from the Lupari and the rise of the Luna? "Brian Ference writes a thrilling creature tale... With lots of action, gore and plot twists that will keep you guessing throughout. Praise for Lupari Werewolf Hunter. Highly recommended!" - Chris Turner, Author of Denibus Ar and many other fantasy, adventure, and science fiction novels. This is the third book in The Wolf of Dorian Gray series: - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man (Book 1) - Purgatoryof the Werewolf (Book 2) - Lup?ri: Werewolf Hunter (Book 3)

Ference is the third book in the Wolf of Dorian Gray series. It is an urban fantasy set in late 19th Century London.

It is an urban fantasy set in late 19th Century London. The book is written in third-person and is from several different characters' points-of-view. Lupari book.