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Dick Couch
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What happens when a Navy SEAL comes home from war-with a mission.Garrett Walker is a warrior.For the last decade and a half he's been continuously at war -combat rotation after combat rotation.He's a veteran of the close fight.And he's taken a great many lives.Yet, all that combat and all those deaths were in the service of his country.Now, that's about to change.Since their college days, Garrett and his identical twin have been estranged.They were both in love with the same woman, and she chose Garrett's brother.So Garrett chose the Navy SEALs.Then, following the death of their younger brother, also a Navy SEAL, yet another tragedy strikes the Walker family.The twin is caught in the web of a Russian Mafia organ-theft ring.He was just another business man in Las Vegas on just another business trip.Then drugged and alone, strange men enter his hotel room and crudely remove his kidneys.It's a rare crime, but one that happens more than is reported.For those in the black-market organ trade, easy pickings right?But they didn't count of the resiliency of the one twin, nor the rage of the warrior twin.Together, they embark on a mission.Together, they put all the rules aside bring about the ultimate Act of Revenge.About the AuthorDick Couch.Navy SEAL, Combat Veteran, CIA Case Officer, New York Times Best Selling Author-with eighteen books to his credit.During the Global War on Terror, Dick Couch alone has been allowed to embed with the component commands of the US Special Operations Command.Dick Couch alone has tracked the SEALs, Green Berets, Rangers, and Marine Special Operators as they trained for war-and written extensively about this training.Now after eight books of special-operations nonfiction, Act of Revenge marks his return to fiction.

9781483021232. Act of Revenge Dick Couch, Will Damron.

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