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Ice Nation is the blow-by-blow account by the lead investigating officer of efforts to stop a violent ice trafficking syndicate that operated in northeast Victoria and southern New South Wales as the scourge wrought havoc on his patch. When the young and impressionable sons and daughters of rural Australia were promised power and riches beyond their wildest dreams by an older sadistic boss, they became a highly manipulated and dangerous group of drug dealers. Intent on distributing their own brand of ice and justice in regional communities, they were prepared to attack anyone or anything that stood in their way. Ice Nation is a gripping snapshot of the epidemic that is taking over rural and regional Australia, following the spiraling trail of destruction as families and friends quickly find themselves out of their depth and out of control.

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Posted November 10, 2015 11:50:23 A young man is brought to the Emergency Department at Royal Perth in a state of psychosis after taking the drug ice. The Ice Nation is a powerfull faction of several element villains of ice, working together for the purpose of world domination by freezing the whole universe. It plays a major role in the Non Disney Villains Tournament. The National Ice Taskforce was established on 8 April 2015 to advise the Government on the impacts of ice in Australia and drive the development of a National Ice Action Strategy.