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Shanna Germain
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"How to Spank Me: BDSM Erotic Stories" features six of Shanna Germain's best-loved spanking and bondage stories. Discover a bookseller who knows how to keep her boys firmly in hand, a young lady whose boyfriend won't spank her properly, an internet tryst of passion and pleasure, and more. Whether your desire is to squirm beneath someone's power or to hold their every pleasure in the palm of your hand, this collection will tease, tantalize and delight you. "Shanna Germain's erotic fiction stops time with its breathtaking urgency and honesty. Each word makes its weight felt in gorgeous narratives that sing desire, transformation, and epiphany to the beat of a poet's heart." ~Jeremy Edwards "Shanna Germain's erotic work offers an emotional depth that one rarely sees in the genre, along with original, sometimes startling, premises and lush prose. Without question, she's one of my favorite authors." Lisabet Sarai

I was spanked as a child (not severely, but one or two whacks with a wooden paddle) and I definitely didn't enjoy those. Sometime during my teen years ... Spanking is one of those sex acts that exists on a huge spectrum: what some people may consider a light love tap, others might consider extraordinarily painful.

This annual writing conference ,focusing on women's contribution to the web, took place in San Francisco. I had ... I asked my mother to give me a spanking.