The Power of Acceptance

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Mario Noviello
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Even after trying several things you probably still find life challenging, most of us do. Nobody really gets an easy run at it, but it really shouldn't be such a struggle. This book gives you the perfect solution by showing you a clear, practical way to accept your life as it is. Then, you can build from the foundations that you already have - that we all have, just waiting to be stirred.What you already have Within us all is a hidden strength that can focus our understanding of life in a way that will harness the true power we all hold within us. The problem is we naturally oppose almost everything that seems different or difficult that comes before us; sometimes this caution can be a good thing, but usually, not so. If you look closely, the true enemy is inside your mind; no one escapes this non- existential fear unless they are willing to face their greatest challenge - themselves.What you will learn to do ?How to be positive and show up in your life ?How to really listen to the voice of your inner soul ?To understand true liberation and how it leads you to real happiness ?How to let go of everything and every belief you don't need ?How nature's blissful state can work for you with real positivity ?To understand how the law of creation can overide all others ?How to develop these powers to reach your full potential ?How love works with acceptance and can change everything ?To understand the power of now - the present moment ?To understand the importance of real relationships?To understand your inner-self completely, what to be and how to become it This book takes you on the journey to that pure and simple sublime state that lies deep within, just waiting to be stirred so that it can rise to the surface and envelop your entire being. Once you discover this, your life will be different. The power to be able to accept everything around and within us is like the builder having the foundations of his house already built there for him. From the wonderful platform these pages present, you will be able to achieve so much, but first you need to learn to accept your life as it is. This book will show you how.

If you want to live a grounded, fulfilling and productive life, his talk will certainly give you a valuable perspective. #Quote :"Acceptance is all about ... The power of acceptance, my friends, can overcome the power of rejection.

Acceptance of ... Firstly I want to send big love to everyone here. Seeking support, guidance and facing the monsters of mental illness for yourself and loved ones, takes great bravery.