Spell Crafting 501

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Viola Grace
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Imara's life is going according to her plans. She has her boyfriend, her kitten, and is about to earn her degree in Magecraft and graduate. Once she has that degree, she has the right to request an application for a commercial magic license. It is the goal she has been working toward all along. A shadow begins to haunt her during the day and stalk her when she is away from the college. She doesn't know what it wants, but it follows her with a purpose she can't fathom until she finds the identity of her stalker. By the time she learns that it is Mr. E the stalker is after and not her, the trap has already closed.

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Absorption -- Craft spells which absorb health, magicka, or stamina from a target and add it to your own. Damage Attribute -- Craft spells that directly damage the health, magicka or stamina of a target.