Blood and Bullets

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Ezra Dawn
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Ever 'Night' Dracovi is a hitman and a vampire. People pay him to do the dirty work they refuse to do. Despite being ruthless at his job, Ever has a set of rules he follows. The most important one being Rule #1 No innocents. Ever's life is a lonely one, but he's not looking for love. Not when his lifestyle can put those he holds dear at risk. Vincetti Morrison is a puma shifter and the heir to his father's mafia organization which doubles as a pride. He doesn't want to lead, yet he's been taught to. Thanks to his father's illegal dealings and the threat of his impending retirement. Sinister forces come out of the woodwork to threaten Vincetti's life. Ever smells something in the air surrounding his next job and investigating it gets him a lot more than he bargained for. Vincetti is suddenly thrust into the fight of his life. Can these two come together to face adversity? Or will their relationship be snuffed out before it can even begin? (Warning: Contains sexual content, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.)

I will sleep now. Reply ... Hard hitters like 'Evil' and 'Blood and Bullets'offer up some great drum-work by Twisted Sister's drummer Joe Franco, who is on form throughout the album.

Jones- Author of the Hollywood Vampires series. From the Author .