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Cael M. Keegan
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Lana and Lilly Wachowski have redefined the technically and topically possible while joyfully defying audience expectations. Visionary films like The Matrix trilogy and Cloud Atlas have made them the world's most influential transgender media producers, and their coming out retroactively put trans* aesthetics at the very center of popular American culture. Cael M. Keegan views the Wachowskis films as an approach to trans* experience that maps a transgender journey and the promise we might learn "to sense beyond the limits of the given world." Keegan reveals how the filmmakers take up the relationship between identity and coding (be it computers or genes), inheritance and belonging, and how transgender becoming connects to a utopian vision of a post-racial order. Along the way, he theorizes a trans* aesthetic that explores the plasticity of cinema to create new social worlds, new temporalities, and new sensory inputs and outputs. Film comes to disrupt, rearrange, and evolve the cinematic exchange with the senses in the same manner that trans* disrupts, rearranges, and evolves discrete genders and sexes.

Michael Straczynski for Netflix.The production companies behind Sense8 included the Wachowskis' Anarchos Productions (replaced by Lana and her wife's Venus Castina Productions in the second season), Straczynski's Studio JMS, and ... The filmmakers and LGBTQ+ activists Lana and Lilly Wachowski have shot several films at Studio Babelsberg over the past 15 years, including V FOR VENDETTA, SPEED RACER, NINJA ASSASSIN, CLOUD ATLAS and the series SENSE8. The unveiling of the "Rainbow Stage" also marks the successful completion of the shooting of another joint project: the fourth installment of the MATRIX series, directed by ... The former Andy Wachowski (left) - now Lilly Wachowski - and sister Lana Wachowski, arrive for the premiere of their film "Cloud Atlas" at Grauman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood in 2012. Lana Wachowski's Biography.

Keegan views the Wachowskis ... Lana Wachowski and her sister Lilly Wachowski, also known as the Wachowskis, are the duo behind such ground-breaking movies as The Matrix (1999) and Cloud Atlas (2012). Born to mother Lynne, a nurse, and father Ron, a businessman of Polish descent, Wachowski grew up in Chicago and formed a tight creative relationship with her sister Lilly. The Wachowskis are two years apart: Lana is 50 and Lilly is 48.