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Tougher than the Rest - Book OneMacLarens of Fire Mountain Historical Western Romance Series"A passionate, fast-paced story set in the untamed western frontier by an exciting new voice in historical romance."Niall MacLaren is the oldest of four brothers, and the undisputed leader of the family. A widower, and single father, his focus is on building the MacLaren ranch into the largest and most successful in northern Arizona. He is serious about two things-his responsibility to the family and his future marriage to the wealthy, well-connected widow who will secure his place in the territory's destiny.Katherine is determined to live the life she's dreamed about. With a job waiting for her in the growing town of Los Angeles, California, the young teacher from Philadelphia begins a journey across the United States with only a couple of trunks and her spinster companion. Life is perfect for this adventurous, beautiful young woman, until an accident throws her into the arms of the one man who can destroy it all.Fighting his growing attraction and strong desire for the beautiful stranger, Niall is more determined than ever to push emotions aside to focus on his goals of wealth and political gain. But looking into the clear, blue eyes of the woman who could ruin everything, Niall discovers he will have to harden his heart and be tougher than he's ever been in his life...Tougher than the Rest.Faster than the Rest - Book TwoMacLarens of Fire Mountain Historical Western Romance Series"Headstrong, brash, confident, and complex, the MacLarens of Fire Mountain will captivate you with strong characters set in the wild and rugged western frontier."Handsome, ruthless, young U.S. Marshal Jamie MacLaren had lost everything-his parents, his family connections, and his childhood sweetheart-but now he's back in Fire Mountain and ready for another chance. Just as he successfully reconnects with his family and starts to rebuild his life, he gets the unexpected and unwanted assignment of rescuing the woman who broke his heart.Beautiful, wealthy Victoria Wicklin chose money and power over love, but is now fighting for her life-or is she? Who has she become in the seven years since she left Fire Mountain to take up her life in San Francisco? Is she really as innocent as she says?Marshal MacLaren struggles to learn the truth and do his job, but the past and present lead him in different directions as his heart and brain wage battle. Is Victoria a victim or a villain? Is life offering him another chance, or just another heartbreak?As Jamie and Victoria struggle to uncover past secrets and come to grips with their shared passion, another danger arises. A life-altering danger that is out of their control and threatens to destroy any chance for a shared future.Harder than the Rest - Book ThreeMacLarens of Fire Mountain Historical Western Romance Series"They are men you want on your side. Hard, confident, and loyal, the MacLarens of Fire Mountain will seize your attention from the first page."Will MacLaren is a hardened, plain-speaking bounty hunter. His life centers on finding men guilty of horrendous crimes and making sure justice is done. There is no place in his world for the carefree attitude he carried years before when a tragic event destroyed his dreams.Amanda is the daughter of a successful Colorado rancher. Determined and proud, she works hard to prove she is as capable as any man and worthy to be her father's heir. When a stranger arrives, her independent nature collides with the strong pull toward the handsome ranch hand. But is he what he seems and could his secrets endanger her as well as her family?The last thing Will needs is to feel passion for another woman. But Amanda elicits feelings he thought were long buried. Can Will's desire for her change him? Or will the vengeance he seeks against the one man he wants to destroy-a dangerous opponent without a conscious-continue to control his life?From the AuthorJoin Shirleen Davies' Newsletter to Receive Notice of:New Releases Reader Specials Free Reads & Sneak PeeksTo sign up copy and paste this site address into your browser's address bar:

Set against America's rugged frontier, the stories of the men from Fire Mountain are complex, fast-paced, and a must read for anyone who enjoys non-stop action and romance." MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary Boxed Set Books 1-3 (MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary Western Romance) (English Edition) eBook: Davies, Shirleen: Tienda Kindle MacLarens of Burnt River Contemporary Boxed Set Books 1-3. Publisher: Avalanche Ranch Press LLC Published: May 7, 2018 eBook ISBN: 9781941786758 Amazon ASIN: B07CYJTDD9 MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary Boxed Set Books 1-3, eBook de .

4.6 • 10 valoraciones; $4.99; $4.99; Descripción de la editorial. Tougher than the Rest - Book One Niall MacLaren is the oldest of four brothers, and the undisputed leader of the family.