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DON'T LET ANOTHER YEAR PASS WITHOUT LEARNING TO BEAT THE RACES. Note: These are real systems that have worked for disciplined players. The key to winning is discipline. All of us have it when we start, but after a while boredom or, more commonly, fear sets in and the player deviates from the system only to find moments later that sticking to the system worked and the payoff was imminent. Can you really make money with the systems in this book? Yes. if you follow my instruction and you are disciplined you will have an excellent chance at making money. However, it would be stupid and irresponsible to say that they are guaranteed and foolproof. No system is. I can only tell you that they have worked for me. Run the numbers yourself from past races and you will see a remarkable thing. Get your bankroll together when you are ready and make your bets. A great deal of winning is based on the length of time you spend at the track, or sports book, self-discipline, money-management, understanding the process, and mathematics and probability. Given these dynamics and the discipline to adhere to the rules, you'll turn winner time and again. Gambling around the world has blossomed. Casinos are in practically every state in the U.S. You can bet on the horses in your hometown somewhere. If you have the time or are inspired for a life change, you can travel America and play the horses. Do it from home (online), off track betting rooms, or in sports books. In Horse Racing: The Systems, you have the ammunition to get the ball rolling and the cash flowing. **Here is what you'll get in Horse Racing: The Systems ?The Longshot Horse System ?Two Daily Double Systems** Do you have the discipline to follow a winning system? When you order Horse Racing: The Systems, you'll get an easy to follow plan. Freeland's knowledge and experience in gaming spans 30 years. NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Since the beginning of horse racing, or gambling for that matter, man has always wanted a reliable system to make money. In horse racing, many handicappers, if not all, have some sort of approach on which horse to lay their money on. They use a system or have a systematic way of eliminating the losers of the bunch, whereby exposing the most likely winner of a race. Sometimes these systems are crude: the color of the horse, its name, the colors of the jockey, the trainer, and so on. Other handicappers are more methodical and studious, pouring over the Daily Racing Form for hours, looking at speed rating, class, distance, and many other factors. And yet, there are others who look at the races in a casual way and bet predominately on the favorite or second favorite--not spending much time with the whole idea of picking a winner. There are many types of horse players. Some are winners. Most are losers. In this book I expose you to three systems used for horse races: One system is for winning with longshots; and the other two systems are for hitting the daily double. The systems can be used with thoroughbreds not quarter horses. I have not used it with quarter horses, or done any research to support it with quarter horses or the trotters. I have used the systems for many years, off and on, and they have worked for me. Playing winning horses is fun-but when you hit back-to-back longshots at 41 to 1 and a 45 to 1, you are going to have a fine time. (By the way, this happened on March 4, 2017 at Santa Anita. I show the stats of the day in the book). YES, YOU WILL LEARN SOLID SYSTEMS FOR BEATING THE RACES Would You Like to Know More? Scroll to the top of the page and click the "BUY NOW" button." M. Mitch Freeland believes that "quality and accurate information" should never be expensive or out of reach for anybody willing to learn. Many so-called online experts charge high prices. This prevents ordinary people from getting the knowledge they need to succeed. Mitch offers solid strategies, tested and proven, with decades of experience.

Some are consistently profitable. Please take a look, comment on some of the threads and if you wish, add your own system and selections. Horse racing betting systems are attractive because they take the emotion and subjectivity out of selecting horses - there are rules to be followed, a clear process that is set out and then bets placed. All horse racing systems work if you allow them time to work.

All systems have them. The profit or winning is made up when the wins out do the losses, and if it is on a consistent basis, then you have yourself a good system.