The Ritual Magick Manual

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Didi Clarke
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Ritual magick is the heart and soul of witchcraft! Magickal rituals tap into so many creative aspects of the human psyche. They contain symbolism. They contain mystery. They contain drama. Rituals engage all five senses and draw them into the work of the spiritual world. And you too can experience the wonder and power of ritual magick! In The Ritual Magick Manual, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started in the world of ceremonial magick. From the essential items every witch needs to scheduling your rituals for peak power, you'll discover all the tips and tricks of the craft. And don't forget the rituals themselves! The Ritual Magick Manual contains authentic, original spells and rituals that are easy to understand and execute. They're formatted and explained with the complete beginner in mind but are written for witches of all skill levels that are serious about enhancing their ritual abilities. What You'll Find in This Book By the time you're finished with this book, you'll be comfortable and familiar with the fundamentals of ritual magick. Each chapter is broken down into short, easy-to-understand sections that walk you through the process step-by-step. In particular, you'll learn: *The items needed for ritual magick *Correspondences to enhance your ritual work *How to prepare for a ritual *Ceremonial rituals of blessing, banishing, and invocation *And much more! Discover the Drama of Ritual Magick Today! Are you ready to perform magick that engages you body, mind, and soul? The world of ritual magick is ready and waiting for you! Buy The Ritual Magick Manual today and begin your journey!

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