Hard to Get

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Stacey Espino, Sam Crescent
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Shadow keeps to himself, never mixing business with pleasure. Business is killing. Pleasure is the girl next door. Riley never had help growing up, but she's determined to make something of her life. She used her own blood, sweat, and line of credit to buy her home and bakery. Everything is perfect-only it's not. She's lonely and can't stop obsessing over her sexy, mysterious neighbor. Shadow has perfected his self-control over the years, so ignoring Riley comes naturally. But when the curvy temptation becomes entangled in his world, targeted by a group of assassins, he takes personal responsibility for her safety. She's cute, feisty, and he plans to show her just how dark and dirty he can be. If they can stay alive, they may just have the love of a lifetime.

Works wonders when you are looking to grab his undivided attention. Pointer Two - Just Don't Overload His Phone.

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