Keeper of the Flame

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Bianca D'Arc
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A warrior, a maiden...and a passion that could set the whole world aflame. Despite the fact he is the largest of his half-dragon brothers and better suited to fighting, Hugh has been sent on an undercover mission. Forced to stay in human form, he must discover if the land of Helios is truly the Draconian ally it pretends, or something more sinister. When he witnesses injustice in the form of a misshapen baby gryphon kicked out into the cold, he cannot remain in the shadows and watch the child suffer. All he can hope for is that his act of kindness will go unnoticed so his mission can continue. But someone does notice. When Lera cautiously approaches Hugh, she is drawn to his strange, foreign magic. She is entranced by its irresistible allure-until assassins come calling and reveal her true identity. She is Valeria, queen of Helios, Keeper of the Flame. And she has been betrayed. Together they must risk everything to uncover the traitors and re-forge the alliance between their lands. Yet beneath their blazing passion, both are still keeping secrets. Secrets that the Sacred Flame will reveal-if their love survives its cleansing fire. Please Note: When a dragon prince and a Flame Keeper come together, the conflagration is definitely too hot to handle! The Dragon Knights series consists of:Maiden Flight1.5. The Dragon Healer (novella)Border Lair2.5. Master at Arms (novella)The Ice DragonPrince of SpiesFireDrakeDragon StormKeeper of the FlameHidden DragonsThe Sea Captain's Daughter Trilogy: Sea Dragon, Dragon Fire, & Dragon Mates

Steve receives conflicting reports and tales that make him question what the truth about the hero is. —Ed ... Keeper of the Flame is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.

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