Lingam and Yoni Massage

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P.C. Anders
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Suggesting that un-massaged penises are responsible for more than half the world's problems, and aiming to halt the world's relentless march towards one fiscal cliff after another, the author, in this comic essay based on an actual public controversy in the Philippines and elsewhere, explores lingam massage and demands equal justice for yonis or pussies. However, he is fairly convinced by the argument that lingam massage helps men to awaken their Inner Clitorises. He believes that many war-mongering politicians need their clitorises to be kicked awake.Further, he suggests that lingam and yoni massage can be a cure for the fiscal cliff, economic crisis, and internecine warfare among human beings. He ends with an E.L. James quote and an ancient Sumerian poem demanding Justice for All Yonis. And Peace to all owners of lingams and yonis.This humorous essay (the cover depicts a highly unorthodox theoretically possible method of administering lingam massage) with a pro-peace and pro-economic recovery and anti-Fiscal Cliff message is for the Australian guy who laughed for two minutes just on hearing the title. Light on technical content, and tilted heavily towards priapic humor and satire, this book is chiefly designed to be an endorphin-releasing gift of laughter: to yourself or to others.

Signature Sensual is your ultimate Sensual Massage Experience - and yes, it can also be finished with Lingam (Males) or Yoni (Females) Massage if desired 😉 - The male equivalent to the yoni massage is called a lingam massage - with lingam being the Sanskrit translation for phallus or penis. These terms are often used in tantric references.

Instead of heading straight to the vaginal area as a way to warm-up, a more appropriate way to initiate touching is with a gentle, focused ... Lingam and Yoni tantric therapy for singles and couples available this week to fill in the gaps. Please be forthcoming when we ask questions as this is vital for your tailored therapy.