The Geeky Kids Guide! To Building Your Own Gaming PC

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Welcome to the first all new Geeky Kids Guide!This is the first in a brand new series of Guides created especially for teenagers wanting to shortcut all the technical padding and get right down to the facts you need to know - fast!In this Geeky Kids Guide! you will learn how to spec up and build your own top end gaming machine that will look great and outperform factory-built machines for nearly half the price!If you are looking to build a machine that will run all the games you want at ultra settings, then this is THE place to start.We will show you how to work out what you need, put it all together with over 60 step-by-step professional hi-definition pictures and get it up and running without spending hours searching around the internet and buying expensive magazines.It's all here - your one-stop shop to getting a top end machine without spending a fortune!

If you build your own site, there's a lot more work involved such as managing the site and creating graphics. It will take many months or even years of hard work to build a strong readership for your website. We'll mostly be focused on building a gaming PC here, but this guide should cover the basics for everything from a high-end work rig for professional applications to a simple media computer.

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