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RaeAnne Thayne
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In this classic story revised from her debut novel originally published in 1996, New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne tells a poignant tale of intrigue and heart.Ryder Shaw is still quite possibly the most gorgeous male Carly Jacobs has ever known. She has never forgotten her teenage crush, or his betrayal years before, but now she's back in her Wyoming hometown with a job to do. Though Carly wants nothing to do with the man she once loved and now despises, she has to stop a vicious poacher and she needs Ryder's help.As their journey takes them into the Wyoming wilderness, she can't help but surrender to the lightning storm of passion between them. But can she find a way to forgive the man she had loved first and best?

For the IUCN to add a species to the category it must meet any of the following criteria: Population Reduction. A taxon's population size is reduced by 70 percent or more over 10 years or three generations, whichever ... An endangered species is a species (a population) of animals, plants or other organisms that is in danger of becoming extinct.This could happen because there are few of that animal left, its predators have grown in number, or the climate that it lives in is changing, or the places it lives in have been destroyed.The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has worked out that endangered species are 40% ... The greater bamboo lemur (Prolemur simus) is one of the world's most endangered primates.

Threatened species are allocated to different wildlife classes depending on the degree of risk of their extinction. Why species become threatened There are many threats that impact on species and contribute to their risk of extinction. This is a list of threatened amphibians, birds, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles in the Northern Territory (NT).