Teaching Tai Chi Effectively

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Paul Lam, Maureen Miller (Editor)
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An Australian family physician, Dr Lam is one of the most experienced and respected tai chi teachers in the world. He has trained more than five thousand teachers using his unique teaching system based on more than 30 years' experience, the latest research relating to learning, tai chi philosophy and medical knowledge. This system, along with his teaching method, has been adopted by tai chi teachers worldwide, resulting in dramatic reductions in drop-out rates and greater student and teacher enjoyment. Within these pages you will find: ? an analysis of an effective teacher. ? a practical and comprehensive teaching system, illustrated with real life examples. ? a treasure trove of useful teaching tools. Now revised and updated with a new section designed to guide the teacher working with people of different ages and conditions - from people with arthritis to Parkinson's to children, pregnant women, older adults and people in the workplace.

Students ... Prospective instructors can teach Tai Chi and Qigong exercises in the future when they pass our assessment. Our certification is well recognized in the UK and many countries.

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